Arkema is a leading company in Specialty Materials driving innovation for a more sustainable world. We offer our customers the most extensive range of high-performance polymers as Rilsan® bio-based polyamide 11, Kynar® fluoropolymer, Pebax® elastomers, Orgasol® powder additives and Kepstan® PEKK high-performance thermoplastic. Our offer of Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) includes Arkema’s flagship Rilsan® polyamide 11 and Pebax® Rnew® thermoplastic elastomers. ABC Materials are fully or partially bio-based derived from the castor bean, a renewable crop that does not compete with food and does not cause deforestation. These high-performance polymers have a proven legacy in meeting some of the world’s most demanding material challenges. Arkema also offers its customers an opportunity to recycle these materials as part of our Virtucycle® program – an ad hoc model for open and closed-loop reprocessing.


Polyamide 12


Polyamide 11