Apex Techno Polymer was established in 2011 as an importer and distributor of plastic resins strategically located across India. During its over 13 years of existence the family has expanded the business exponentially across India. Today Apex represents over 32,000+ MT of engineering polymer sales annually serving more than 1,800 active customers through 10+ offices and warehouse strategically located in India.

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To become a one stop solution for the supply of polymeric materials.

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Ensuring customer expectations are met to the highest standards.

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Integrity & Respect is our core which keeps us on top of the business.

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We recognize the importance of Sourcing in business continuity; hence we prioritize building strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers by collaborating closely with them. This allows us to curate a diverse product portfolio to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Our strategy focuses on optimizing supply chain to achieve maximum efficiency. Our stock points in key industrial hubs nationwide, combined with a robust network of logistics partners, enable us to provide just-in-time delivery capabilities.

Product Development

A group of engineering polymers specialists with vast experience and a proven track record of over 10 years, capable to support from product design to final production that creates future value by selecting right materials from our broad portfolio.


Technical Expertise

Our technical experts possess a wealth of experience in conceptualizing, prototyping, and bringing products to market. Through a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and industry dynamics, we help you design and develop solutions that tailored to your specific needs.


Our marketing approach focuses on establishing strong supplier brands, targeted sector, and product-driven campaigns, staying updated of emerging trends, and actively participating in global trade shows and industry events to build a diverse portfolio that caters to evolving market needs.


We offer customized and flexible financial solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our diverse customer base, ensuring their financial requirements are effectively addressed.


Risk Management

Our risk management strategy includes robust business continuity planning, assessing potential disruptions, develop contingency plans, and implement measures to minimize downtime and ensure the uninterrupted delivery of products and services to you. Our goal is to maintain operational resilience and minimize the impact of disruptions on your business.